In Memory Of Our Friend

George "Taz" Matthews

George " TAZ" Matthews

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After a long battle with colon cancer, our good friend George passed away shorly before christmas on December 8th 2007. Many evenings were spent at Cycles sharing George's thoughts and feelings as he made the journey through his illness. George was a good man. Much of his time was spent doing some form of charity. Whether it was raising funds and support for The Ride For Sight of which he was Chief Coordinator for the Durham Region or simply collecting pop can tabs for the aluminum to purchase wheel chairs for people that needed them. George was always helping. I was privileged to spend time with this man and we became good friends. Last summer in middle of his battle with this cancer and despite his pain he made a trip to my children's school to support a summer Fun Fair. In came Taz with his antique car honking the horn and waving giant bags of stuffed animals he collected for the kids. Those toys were the talk of the school and needless to say the children at the school will always remember the man in the old car with all the the toys like Santa. George did this for nothing more than the satisfaction of helping out. He was always there to help, you could count on that.

I'll never look at a chocolate bar again with out thinking of George. During his illness he developed a huge taste for candy. You have never seen a grown man chew thorough a candy bar like George. You had to watch your hands around him when he was digging in. He loved them and enjoyed every bite.

George was a man of honor and a loyal and true friend. You could always count on him to help, whether you asked for it or not. He took pride in his family and in his friends and defended and charished them to the death. I'm happy to say I was his friend and I was lucky to know him as were many of us. George asked no one to feel sorry for him so we did not. Although we feel sad for our loss, George believed he has gone to a better place and he made his peace with God in the end. He accepted his fate and handled it with grace. He was content and died peacefully at home with his loved ones.

People come in and out of our lives all the time and sometimes you don't realize their effect on you until it's too late. My friendship with George and his family has taught me a lot and I thank him for these life lessons. When ever I sit in Cycles and look a the fire place we have set as a memorial to George, I think of him and smile because he is in my heart and soul. He is right there in the chair smiling laughing and chewing on a Crunchie bar.

He was our friend and we miss him.

Rest in Peace George.


Respectfully on behalf of all us at Cycles,


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