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Ian Grant

Ian Grant The Candyman

Iand and Cindy GrantIce Cindy and Ian

In this edition of Spotlight we would like to shine the light on our good friend Ian Grant. We like to call him the Candyman as Ian is always showing up with boxes of candy to donate to the kids and patrons of Cycles.
Ian is an amazing person and certainly an asset to Cycles. Ian is Isaac's right hand man and can always be counted on to do just about any task presented to him. Ian and his lovely wife Cindy are raising their two boys and daughter and you can usually find them taking part in the fun at Cycles just about every weekend. It's a safe bet if you come into Cycles Ian will be there serving treats and coffee or engaged in conversation with someone.
You may want to challenge Ian to game of pool but I have to warn you he's pretty good and some what of the house champion, at least for the time being. Ian loves his sports. If he's not cheering his teams on he's playing.
Ian is a member of the All Canadian Riders Club and it presently serving as 5th officer and is responsible for many of the events in his club as well as Cycles.
A special skill Ian posses is the ability to communicate with the deaf by signing. Cycles has a large community of deaf or hearing impaired people and Ian has been a forerunner in communicating with our new friends and has made it an easy transition for these people and for all of us to share and communicate.
Ian loves to sing. Ian and his wife Cindy have often performed in churches and choirs in the area.
Charity and community work are second nature to Ian. He's always donating his time and efforts to special projects in our community. Ian has such a positive attitude and a bright out look on life. We are lucky to have him as a friend and congratulate him on being the latest addition to our Spotlight.

Well Done Ian and Thank You for all you do !


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