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Cindy Grant

Cindy Grant in the SpotLight

My name is Cindy-Ann Grant but you can call me Cindy. I am a married working mother of three, two teen boys, and one preteen girl. My husband Ian and I keep fairly busy with the kids but when I'm not at home looking after my family and my pet Parrot or working at one of my two jobs then you will find my family and I at Cycles 317. I just love to swap stories and chat, Cycles is just the palce to do it. If I'm not in conversation with someone then you'll find me behind the coffee bar making a fresh pot or preparing food to put out.  I love to sing and you might find me up on the stage singing and playing tambourine. If there are events or if you need information on Cycles then I'm your girl. All the emails for Cycles come to me and I add them to our contact list. You know I really can't think of a better way to spend my spare time. It was such a thrill for me to come out and finally feel like I'd come home. Now I've taken up residence (so to speak) and I'm so pleased to be part of something that means so much to my family and myself as well as many others. What can I say, if you had told me a few years ago where I'd be today, I would have laughed and told it 'thats not likely'  What can I say:

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